DAHIJA Bohemia Genao

Narozena 08. 08. 2001

Datum úmrtí: 27.12.2014

O: Asban Dau Al Gamar

M: Baraka Bohemia Genao

Chovatel: Jana Tomešková

Majitel: Lenka Malinovská



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“The cheapest experience is for money”… 

my Granny used to say. And it is true. I saw it with my own eyes several times over the past two years. It’s not a long time ago, I was very angry and I wanted to scream out all over the world what injustice had met me, how I had been snookered by false friend and experienced breeder and her promises. Dahija is at home for three weeks. Anger changed into lethargy and I consider my words carefully. I don’t pound at my keyboard furiously, that’s just a sorrow of my soul that leads me to share my experience "for all the money". Possibly in order to prevent other sloughi breeders and keepers from similar experience.  

With the rapacity that is natural for me I plunged to my first offspring of sloughi. Nobody will reason me out of the idea that coupling my gorgeous bitch with import of Libya was a brilliant choice. I am convinced that from the point of view of breeding it was unique thing, but this is not a topic of my reflection. I have just wanted to come to the point, how I met Line Urke few years ago. A bitch called Azira ag Dalvit (10 months old) with a whole collection of her documents traveled by plane to Norway. Everything was all right, my relations with Line were hearty and friendly. Every time, she fulfilled all that she promised, I could rely on her. Because of my own foolishness and stubbornness I got into scrapes and my life started to tumble down like a card house. There were just a few real friends left, who helped me. I was provided completely matchless help by my friend Lucie Janovska. I can’t say a word in English and her translations have become the only one possibility how to communicate with Line. She offered that she would borrow my bitch Dahija, she would breed after of the litter of puppies and go trough dog shows in order to obtain a title The Champion of Norway. Everything at her own expense. I would get Dahija with a puppy or fiscal adjustment. I couldn’t refuse and in my situation, I was thankful for this offer. When holidays came, Line offered a stay in her home for my family and me. My daughter had flown there and she returned with the most beautiful experiences. Unforgettable holidays - I was really grateful to Line.  

Real complications came during the first Dahija´s period in Norway. At the moment of the period I found out that she had wanted to cover my bitch with a dog I didn’t regard appropriate. I have never hidden my aversion to crossbreeding. There were few e-mails at the last moment and nervousness on both sides. If there had been an agreement between us, everything would have been different. In my country it is necessary to prepare everything before as well as require the stud permission. We have to send a confirmation about breeding of a chosen dog to Kennel Club (in case the dog is not considered to be breeding in the country of a scheduled connection). It seemed to me absolutely irrational when she had sent me a message that she was going to cover and she wanted permission. I think it is not possible to get the administration under control in any country. The arraigning has started. On the one hand there were alleged e-mails that I have never received (later, this was the most frequent excuse), on the other hand guarantee that she really needs to have permission from Kennel Club for the future litter. I wish no one had to go through this. Lucia knows how quickly I had to react. Well, I refused the idea that I should influence the selection of a “groom”. I wrote her (literally) that our friendship and her charge of my daughter are things much more important for me than pedigree of puppies born in her kennel. Yes, people are people and dogs are just dogs. Finally, the mating didn’t take place. They didn’t miss appropriate day. Reportedly, she didn’t go there because of her reluctance to mating. However, the world of sloughi is really small. If you want it or not, there is always a person, who knows about your problem and the reasons are often incorrectly interpreted. I am not going to describe how I have found out about the situation in Norway, but it is certain that at that time Line had a pile of puppies from the previous litter of her own bitch. It is likely that she didn’t want other puppies at that time. Our communication stagnated. Will Dahija stay in Norway or will she return? We came to an agreement that she will stay during the following period to give Line back the expense of delivery and provision of Dahija.  

Long silence in our communication Line explained to me as the result of her bad family situation. I completely understood, I think I had gone through something similar. I write “I think”, because I have never found out what was really going on. Doesn’t matter. That’s not my business, anyway. But she had my dog and I didn’t receive any message about its staying and her intentions with it. I regretted that I hadn’t drawn up a contract before. It was too late. Last year in August, she was reportedly dispatched for a journey back to me, but a kennel box was too big… Can you imagine that you provide for a flight and at the airport you find out that they won’t take your dog?? Pack of lies. I wanted her to be home as soon as possible. But real surprise came when I found out (of course she has forgotten to tell me) that Dahija had given birth. It is not possible to keep such a big secret for a long time. Maybe that she was pregnant but puppies? I have received an e-mail from Norway with their photographs when the puppies had two weeks.  Of course, with rationalization that she had written to me times out of number, what was really going on. I received e-mails from all over the world. Those from Norway have lost? Naturally, that’s absurd. There were no e-mails. I can document when and how I was informed, I have got all the correspondence saved.

          I expected other problems with their pedigrees. I found out what is really necessary for their publication. It is very similar in every country. Well, I wrote a declaration. The declaration included a few pieces of information: I knew the puppies were born from the combination of my bitch and “that” dog, I surrendered of the rights to their registration to my kennel, and the whole litter belongs to Line, to her kennel. In compensation for this, I demanded a fiscal adjustment that equaled to the price of one puppy, a term of the payment as well as the date when Dahija would be returned home, to the Czech Republic. And this was a problem for Line. She would then be supposed to pay for it, what she didn't intend to do, at all. She just repeated that it was enough to write an e-mail that I agreed with connection of Dahija x Alto. Several times I wrote to her that this is not enough that this e-mail she can write by herself … this was just unbelievable merry-go-round of lies which continued during our further communication. Dahija should arrive, but of course, it did not happen. That time, my friend Hana helped me with the translations a lot, because Line didn’t want to communicate with Lucia any longer. How did this come to an end? Line found out that her Kennel Club needs to have a real contract when they want to make out the pedigrees. I sent her the declaration I had written few months ago. Line promised that she would send Dahija as soon as she would sell the puppies (when she will have enough money for the plane ticket). It was the end of the year and Dahija should arrive in Czech Republic with her friend. Naturally, she didn’t arrive and I started to reconcile myself to the idea I will never see her again.

          January 2009 –Wednesday, I can exactly remember that, Line sent me an e-mail: Dahija will be in Prague on Friday. There was nobody who believed so, neither Lucia, nor Hana. What is going to happen this time? The box will be too big or too small…traveling companion will be ill… or he/she will be strict vegetarian and there will be no food suitable for vegetarians on the plane? Again, I answered very quickly as I used to do every single time she wrote me. I wrote I don’t believe her and I have to be sure that it is not a false alarm before I start to plan how to pick her up in Prague. And her answer? I am the stupidest person all over the world and she hopes not to hear about me any more. I confess, a year ago when I begged her for the return of my bitch, I wrote that I hope this tragicomic situation will end and I will try to forget. Of course, without vulgarisms and silly abuse. I was really angry. How could she, who has had always lied and complicated everything, ever dare doing anything like this?   

Lucia is on the alert and on Friday, she picks Dahija up at the airport. She is still beautiful, but a little bit emaciated. Nobody would guess that she is eight. Unwillingly, she spent her fruitful age in Norway and she does not have the title of Champion. Despite this fact, she is our “princess” and we all are glad to be together again. Anger is slowly evaporating. Dahija is a part of our family again and she can steal some food from the table as quickly as she could before☺ I just regret this misspent time, I am really disappointed by Line’s behavior and there are also money matters that are still not solved. Never lend your dog without signing a contract. Dog is not just “thing” even though dogs are considered to be “things” in the terminology of law. Never lend your dog to Norway. Please, learn from my mistakes. We keep our dogs for pleasure, our lives shouldn’t be more complicated with them.

 Lenka Malinovská, kennel Dalvit, CZ

 p.s. All the statements written above can be confirmed by my personal correspondence

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